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Then They Came For the Canadians | Inalienable Rights Alliance; Police On Guard

Dr. Ryan Cole gave a sworn testimony and deposition by way of interview with Dr. Eric Feintuch (shared 10/26/2022) imploring the government to, “Cease and desist,” the Covid19 shots. Dr. Cole is not paid to share the science and harm around these shots. See our timestamps below the video for topical navigation, and be sure to view the Question and Answer segment where Dr. Cole does not mince words.

3:50 Original Wuhan strain is extinct in humanity.

4:30 BA1 is also extinct. BA4 and BA5 are also waning across the globe because Corona viruses will always mutate. We are asking people to get a shot for an almost extinct virus.

6:50 We are now blinding the immune system with these mRNA shots.

7:10 Those who received multiple Covid shots are acquiring Covid at higher rates and dying at higher rates than those who did not receive an injection at all.

7:35 The lipid nanoparticle is also distributed widely throughout the body.

8:00 The sequence persists and the spike protein persists throughout the body.

9:50 Dr. Malholtra published papers showing the inflammation of blood vessel linings.

11:20 The protein-based product from Novavax also carries a cardiac warning and is also formulated against the extinct version of the virus.

“We’re seeing this is a dose dependent toxicity… we’re seeing that we have a shot that doesn’t have any scientific reason to be used by anyone, anywhere, anymore!” ~Dr. Ryan Cole

12:05 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and the insurance data showing excess death in young cohorts. There is no reason for anyone to receive these shots.

13:00 Iceland shows July data with 56% increased mortality.

15:00 Deposition of spike protein found in all organs and vessels of the body from the Covid shot.

16:05 Entities are still mandating an experimental product. This violates medical ethics.

16:40 Blood clotting and clumping

21:00 After shot mandates, cancers are on the upswing.

21:45 Important information on dangers of these mRNA products is being pulled from medical literature.

22:35 Extreme hormone dysregulation for both men and women

23:00 Cancer clinics around the world are booked. Resurgence of cancers are up.

24:20 Elderly who we want to protect have increased likelihood of acquiring disease after Covid shot.

24:40 No data shows the Covid shots decreased hospitalizations, severity, death. This is a red herring - a false pretense.

25:00 Our FDA and CDC are starting to say they kept data from us.

26:30 No reasons for our children or young adults or military to get these shots

27:50 It’s time for our government, our agencies, and our media to quit being INDIFFERENT to the harm these Covid injections cause.

29:30 Q & A session with Chris VandenBos from PoliceOnGuard of Canada

“It is attempted manslaughter to continue pushing these gene-based injections on people.” ~Dr. Ryan Cole

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