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Truth + Transparency = Trust: A Podcast Conversation with the "Just Think" Team

Dr. Ryan Cole joins this dynamic team of three American women who come from across the political spectrum to engage in a pursuit of truth. One of the Just Think hosts describes this episode as,

"Seriously. Our best podcast to date. Dr. Cole is so incredibly smart, so relatable and transparent. This is truly the podcast that EVERYONE and their mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend not only NEEDS to hear, but also needs to share... especially before making any medical decisions for yourself or your children."

The topics discussed include Dr. Cole's biopsy findings during Covid including those related to the Covid vaccines, global medical response, the rise in all-cause mortality, increases in cancer, autoimmune disease, blood clotting and even HIV. Dr. Cole explains his lab-based views on why he is willing to lose so much to speak out against the mainstream narrative around Covid vaccinations, especially when our children's well-being is at hand. Don't miss this lively conversation.

Connect to the Just Think team's Instagram by clicking the image. You'll find a robust list of resources sited by Dr. Cole here.

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