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Trying to Understand Motives on The Eric Metaxas Show

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Host Eric Metaxas pulls no punches in asking Dr. Ryan Cole questions about the USA’s approach to the Covid 19 pandemic, vaccine safety and efficacy, and why none of the important information is being shared by mainstream media.

“It’s not the safest shot and it’s not even the right shot since Delta is now the variant we’re experiencing.”

2:20 Is Dr. Cole’s credibility in question, since his subspecialty is in dermatopathology (skin pathology)? Don’t miss his explanation.

2:40 The unexpected viral video from Dr. Cole's Idaho Statehouse presentation and why that information was shared so widely

3:40 The information war conversation and the desire for shared data and science to save lives instead of suppressing data.

5:10 What is your opinion on these Covid 19 vaccines and who should get them? Dr. Cole discusses the risk-benefit analysis needed in decision making around the vaccines.

7:10 Increased rates of cancer stemming from these vaccines? Dr. Cole explains what he is seeing in his lab in the context of past trials for MRNA technology.

9:18 What’s your recommendation for getting or not getting the vaccine? Dr. Cole explains his views.

10:25 None of what you’ve said is available anywhere in mainstream media. This is extraordinary!

11:35 Delta scare vs the Vaccine, which is the risk we should take? Dr. Cole discusses early treatment and the failing hospital protocols vs the medicines that are helping when given.

13:30 Metaxas discusses the leaders of the health agencies and why they wouldn’t be listening to the success of many doctors with early treatment. Dr. Cole explains the conflict of interest and the financial ties among the government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

16:00 “It seems to me that people are dying because some folks in the NIH or in the Fauci world don’t care!” ~Eric Metaxas

17:00 Dr. Cole discusses the province of Uttar Pradesh in India and how they endured the Delta variant with the packet of cheap medicines for early treatment. Our hospitals don’t need to be full.

20:00 Why are people dying in America? Dr. Cole guesses,

“Gaslighting and conflict of interest. Money, pride, ego, I don’t know. It’s disgusting to see a profession fall like this!”

21:00 Where can people go to get help?

22:35 Metaxas brings up the stats on miscarriages and Dr. Cole explains the lack of long-term data on pregnancy with these shots. He offers his opinion on whether he recommends pregnant women get the vaccine.

26:00 What are the vaccine adverse effects you are seeing? Why are these numbers not headlines? How does the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) work?

28:50 Why would I take this shot? The host answers his own question.

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