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Under the Lens of Scrutiny: A New View for Medicine and Public Health

Dr. Cole presented at the “Do No Harm” Conference on 11/19/2022 in Oslo, Norway, hosted by the Norwegian Doctors Alliance. Dr. Cole’s condensed yet comprehensive presentation gives an overview on Covid medical truth, the scientific research on the harms of the Covid shots, and the need for funding of ongoing medical matters, independent of corrupt pharmaceutical dollars and control.

Here is the conference writeup description on their Rumble page:

In the Wake of the Covid-19 Crisis

Bringing back sanctity and sanity to public health interventions, healthcare practice and health research.

We have entered in a new age of government led authoritarianism under the guise of biosecurity and with an unprecedented censorship of scientific debate threatening the very premise for public health and the sanctity of healthcare practice.

This international conference will address, not only the challenges, but also new opportunities arising out of the "Covid Crisis".

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