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United We Stand. In Peace We Come Together. LA Defeat the Mandates Rally Draws Thousands

While mandates are dropping across the country, California and other states are still seeing senseless, required Covid vaccinations in schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and corporations. Along with these mandates, we see ongoing restrictions on doctors who treat Covid, censorship by Big Tech, and silencing of scientific debate. Perhaps most alarming is the unnecessary Covid-19 vaccination of children and the extension of the Emergency Powers Act.

In California, an aggressive slate of Covid-19-related bills remain under consideration by the state lawmakers. These bills include mandating vaccines for children and all employees, and allowing 12 to 17-year-olds to get the vaccine without parental consent. The day-long rally in the heart of Los Angeles at Grand Park featured guests including prominent doctors, recording artists, actors, journalists and premier thought leaders who urged citizens to get informed and stand up for their freedoms.

Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho was one of the day’s distinguished speakers. His remarks can be found in this video starting at 2:02:15. Go here for more information on the Defeat the Mandates effort. Dr. Cole closed with a Thomas Jefferson quote,

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

We Are Standing Up

No to Vaccine Mandates.

No to Vaccine Passports.

No to Forcing Covid-19 Vaccinations on Children.

No to Coerced Vaccinations Without Accepting Risk.

No to Censorship.

No to Limits on Reasonable Debate.

Yes, We Believe in the Power of Natural Immunity.

Yes, We Insist on Informed Consent.

Yes to Doctors and Patients Making Decisions Without Interference.

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