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Up Close and Personal With Dr. Cole | Bright Light News Interview

January 3, 2023

“I would rather make nothing doing the right thing than make a million dollars doing the wrong thing.”

On a break during the Better Way Conference, Dr. Cole sits down with journalist Glen Jung to discuss the attacks he is under for speaking courageously about what he is seeing under his microscope and why he attends medical conferences like these. You’ll want to listen to the end as these two humble men share encouragement to one another and to all of us.

The doctors and scientists at these conferences can share findings and disagreements under an umbrella of love and unity, with a shared desire to help humanity. Dr. Cole talks about the changes in medicine that have turned patients into a commodity, and why he has been so outspoken about what he sees in the face of many personal and professional costs.

Hear the many varied interests and passions that Dr. Cole enjoys when he’s not behind the microscope… woodworking, organic farming, music, etc. “

“Life is meant to be LIVED…Don’t forget to be kind, don’t forget to forgive, don’t forget to try to come back together as a human family. Don’t let these larger groups and entities divide you.”

Dr. Cole expresses his gratitude to the independent news people and channels who are shining a light on the truth.

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