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VSRF with Steve Kirsch - Spike Injury Diagnosis and Recovery

In this interview, Steve Kirsch and Dr. Cole cover what can be done for those who took these shots.

Steve Kirsch took two Covid shots before his eyes were opened to the dangers and realities of what was happening. He quickly left his full time career as a Silicon Valley businessman to join forces with the medical community to sound the alarm about risks and harms. His Substack column is wildly popular among truth-seekers, and he has been vilified by all legacy media for his views. He has fought tirelessly for debate among the medical and public health communities, and he is fighting to help the vaccine injured. In this February 23, 2023 talk, Dr. Cole shares a slide show starting at 44:40 and then answers various questions at the 1:20:30 mark. This conversation is a treasure trove of important information for many who are asking for help!

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