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Idaho Dispatch interviews Dr. Cole on the role of Ivermectin in treating Covid 19

Dr. Cole discusses the seemingly controversial drug and why he believes it helps fight Covid 19. Dr. Cole also discusses why the FDA did not approve Ivermectin for use in treating Covid 19. All documents referenced can be found here at the original interview site.

Dr. Cole gives a helpful illustration comparing Ivermectin's multiple uses to the way we use water. He challenges the narrative that this medication is unsafe and covers why other countries make Ivermectin available as an Over The Counter medication as an affordable choice. Meanwhile, the FDA process here in the US has stifled its use in treating Covid 19.

"We've always started with early outpatient treatment to avert adverse outcomes and the necessity of hospitalization, so people are desperate. Doctors aren't giving early outpatient treatment. Doctors are even ignoring monoclonal infusion to a high degree or don't even know about it because the government isn't advertising that well enough."

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