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Cancer, Depleting Immune Systems and The WHO Pandemic Treaty | Maria Zeee

Independent Australian Journalist Maria Zeee brings her intelligent questions to bear in this in depth interview with Dr. Ryan Cole. If you have a question for Dr. Cole, you will likely hear the answer in this conversation. Check the time stamps for easy navigation if you don’t have the time for the presentation in its entirety. You can follow Maria Zeee’s work at her website or on her Rumble channel. Find time stamps below.

Time Stamps

:50 Are you still seeing an increase in cancers like you spoke about last year? Yes, still seeing odd cancers at odd ages and an increased rate. Dr. Cole also addresses why he doesn’t believe the uptick is related to lockdowns.

2:20 Can you talk through these mechanisms and why we are seeing this uptick in cancer? Dr. Cole speaks on the spike proteins persistence in the body from the shots and what that causes. He discusses how the immune systems of those who get Covid-19 respond differently than those who were injected with the vaccine product.

5:30 Dr. Cole mentions this virus is engineered.

5:48 Many people who are immuno-compromised were told to get these shots and they were worried that they may not fare well with the Covid virus. Can you speak to that? Dr. Cole discusses his frustration with this approach scientifically. He also mentions the Vitamin D link and the reason he is so outspoken about early treatment.

8:50 We’ve also seen people in remission who all of a sudden have aggressive cancers after taking the Covid vaccines. Can you speak to that? Dr. Cole discusses what he and his colleagues are seeing. People going from stage 1 cancer to stage 4 in a matter of a few weeks! Dr. Cole explains why he thinks this is happening with the immune system and the vaccine product. Have you heard him talk about the Marines of the immune system? Here it is!

12:05 Is there anything that can be done to help these people who are suffering in this way, with cancer resurgence? Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, cutting sugar, sleep all help the immune system and he discusses these. He also discusses ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as showing anti-cancer promise in multiple studies. He takes low-dose Naltrexone for chronic mononucleosis and this drug also is good for many autoimmune conditions.

15:55 You mentioned that many of the previous cancer treatments stopped working in people after taking the Covid vaccine. What do you mean by that? Dr. Cole explains that part of the pathway for the chemotherapy treatments working involves the immune system partnering with the chemical to work well, but the dysregulation of the immune system by these injections keeps these cancer treatments from working well. Dr. Cole also explains this is not everybody and we don’t have answers why. This will take years to answer.

19:20 What other problems is this immunosuppression causing other than cancers? We’ve seen the DOD data about miscarriages; what else are we seeing? Dr. Cole discusses reactivation of latent viruses and the need to test when someone has fatigue or symptoms. Another huge concern is the neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, tremors, seizures, cognitive decline. He discusses the concern with the shots being geared to the old virus and why we are seeing more severity with Omicron in those who took the shots.

24:30 What is Long Covid? Dr. Cole mentions the mitochondria damage done by the spike protein and the issues that arise. He discusses the large range of conditions people can suffer from with Long Covid.

28:00 Dr. Cole says DO NOT take another shot even if you’ve already had the Covid vaccines. All-cause mortality rates offer disturbing support for this concern.

31:38 Can you speak to the study that shows a spike in young girls getting ulcers? Dr. Cole answers and shares information on Hepatitis concerns in our young.

34:50 We’ve seen data coming out of the UK, Canada and the USA showing after 2 shots there is a concerning decline in the immune system and after 3 shots it’s particularly alarming and now in Australia we are talking about 4 and 5 shots. Do we know the percentage of decline in the immune system is and do we have data around that? Dr. Cole says this depends on the individual. He also says we don’t keep giving poison to someone once we know it’s poison.

“It is absolutely criminal and shameful for any doctor, any healthcare agency, any health system, any hospital, any public health official, anywhere in the world to say any one individual needs one more of these shots!”

38:15 These shots are not approved and he explains the data behind the studies and the implication for our children.

40:00 I want to talk now about this genetic blood clotting disorder and the footage I saw with Steve Kirsch where you lifted up the 3 or 4 foot clot. Dr. Cole explains what he sees regarding the clotting.

43:25 To clarify, the clots are happening because of the spike. Could those who survive these amyloid clots potentially end up with early onset of Alzheimer’s disease?

44:20 Are these larger clots restricted to one area of the body or could they happen anywhere? Dr. Cole describes the embalmer findings and what we know vs what we don’t know. People demeaned him for calling these the clot shots a year ago, and now it seems he is right.

45:50 Dr. Cole has many other pathologists telling him they agree but feel they cannot speak out because they will lose their jobs. He says we need everybody to speak up and eventually we will stop harming more people!

46:13 Is there anything people can do to prevent these clots if they have been injected? Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Vitamin D come up in this helpful answer. Share this with those you know who have taken these shots to help them!

49:50 What about natural blood thinners? The closer you live to nature, the better.

50:25 Where can people find you? Is the Global Covid Summit done now or is that a recurring event?

52:00 Do you have words of encouragement for those people who are desperately trying to wake up their loved ones, but they are not listening? Dr. Cole shares tips and teaches about laughter, physical touch, and being with people in person.

55:45 Can you briefly touch on your thoughts about the WHO (World Health Organization) Pandemic Agreement and the powers it gives to supersede every country’s constitutions?

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