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Cole Responds to Pathology Research Showing 93% of Deaths Due to Vaccine

Powerful outcomes of Dr. Ryan Cole's outspoken efforts to share his medical knowledge around the Covid-19 pandemic are the valued relationships he's built with others seeking truth around these unprecedented events. Recently, Steve Kirsch (who interviewed Dr. Cole for his weekly video on vaccine safety back in November, 2021) inquired about his views on the pathology research released by two prominent pathologists, Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD.

In their paper, these two doctors report that 14 out of 15 patient deaths studied post-Covid-vaccine were killed by the vaccine itself. You can find this specific Kirsch article by clicking the image below.

Dr. Ryan Cole's Response:

Kirsch offers further background on these two scientists, the other responses he received from experts in addition to Dr. Cole, and a video sharing the findings. Kirsch writes a prolific string of articles on Substack, offering compelling viewpoints backed by his own fact-finding mission related to the Covid-19 injections. Click here for the full article and share this information with those in your circle.

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