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Reaching More and More People: Dr. Ryan Cole Appears Live on DAYSTAR with Joni and Marcus Lamb

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Dr. Cole appears on set at the Ministry Now and Joni shows to share key information with viewers on how to best prepare for and fight against Covid 19. He appears along with several other doctors who are being censored and smeared by bigger media as they offer life-saving information on early treatment for Covid 19 and how to keep your immune system healthy.

“I’m here to save lives. That patient should always come first."

20:45 Ivermectin -- We give many medicines to both animals and humans, in different doses. This medicine is very safe. Safer than Tylenol and Aspirin. This medicine has been given 4 billion times and only 12-16 adverse outcomes. They are demonizing this drug and Hydroxychloroquine because they know it works

22:30 Dr. Cole shares about his own bout with Covid and what he took early on to help his body get through it.

22:35 How the Ivermectin works to help against Covid 19, both preventatively and during infection.

25:00 What should people do who have already gotten the Covid 19 vaccine? Early treatments are just as important for the vaccinated because of break through.

25:55 What Dr. Cole is seeing in the lab in the vaccinated and in those who have had Covid 19. Get treated!

27:20 What can we do to build up our immune system, vaccinated or unvaccinated? Dr. Cole discusses Vitamin D and checking blood sugar along with supplements that can be helpful.

28:50 Vitamin D dosage for adults and children

29:45 Vaccination approval status and availability discussion

“This is a rushed, provisional approval with no long term safety.”

33:00 The key is early treatment and a multidrug approach. We don’t need to take a one-size-fits-all approach to Covid 19.

34:37 Fear and its effect on our immune system.

36:04 Remdesivir being given in the hospitals and the ventilators being used per NIH protocols vs Dr. Kory’s protocols which provide better outcomes for patient recovery

38:50 What do you say to those who are discrediting you?

“Look at the science; Look at the data...You can attack me all you want, but you cannot attack the facts.”

40:25 Pregnancy and Covid 19. Dr. Cole weighs in with his view.

42:20 Adverse reactions to the Covid 19 vaccines

51:50 Covid 19 vaccine mandates by employers are termed “medically unethical, anti-human and anti-science” by Dr. Cole

53:25 Antibodies and lifelong T-Cell memory from natural infections provide a broader immunity than any vaccine. Dr. Cole explains.

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