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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Leads Hearing on Injuries Caused By COVID-19 Vaccines


Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) held a historic US Congressional Panel to learn why COVID-19 vaccination continues to cause record injuries, disabilities, and deaths, even years after the primary series in 2021.

Government attendees include Greene (R-GA), Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), US Representatives Warren Davidson (R-Ohio), and Andy Biggs (R-AZ).  Dr. Peter McCullough (adult internal medicine, cardiology), Dr. Ryan Cole (clinical pathology), and Dr. Kirk Milhoan (pediatrics, pediatric cardiology) offered medical witness. Due to the two hour nonstop statements and questions from lawmakers to the experts, we have provided time-stamped highlights in our summary below. 

At the conclusion of this hearing, Senator Johnson makes a plea to physicians and other healthcare workers to come forward, own their mistakes, and get on the right side of history. COVID-19 vaccination has been a medical catastrophe for the world. All three doctors called for immediate removal of all COVID-19 vaccine products.

12:20 Dr. Ryan Cole gives opening remarks

 “I’m tired of the American people being gaslit and told that it’s anything and everything but it’s not the vaccine.”

15:05 Dr. Peter McCullough offers opening remarks

“We are 4 years into this and this is the first time that the US House of Rep has heard from doctors who are directly treating patients with both Covid-19 and the vaccine injuries. That’s 4 years too late and a very important lesson learned!”

24:00 Dr. Kirk Milhoan opening remarks

“When we see these patients regardless of how they’ve been injured, we need to bring the loving and compassionate care to bear on these people who have been injured and we have to find a way to treat them. We can’t just let them… there are too many of them as Dr. McCullough pointed out.”

Question & Answer Phase 

28:20 Vaccine hesitancy - what is the difference between the old vaccines and the new mRNA vaccines?

33:20 What does the spike protein do inside the body?

35:17 MTG addresses Dr. Cole about the embalmer reports of blood clots and what he is seeing in the cells and tissues related to Covid-19 and the vaccines. Dr. Cole explains the unusual clots and the gene that travels to all parts of the body including the brain. Human cells are not meant to make foreign proteins, so with these products, our immune system goes on high alert and starts to attack. This inflammatory response causes clots to form and problems throughout the body’s organs including cardiological. autoimmune, and neurological harms. An Italian study of 19,000 patients showed 30% of recipients had harms. 

“It’s like the perfect poison protein.”  

42:00 MTG asks for comments on the vaccine manufacturers who also produce and market products to treat these harms. Dr. McCullough says he’s never prescribed so many blood thinners in his practice because of the clotting. He is alarmed that with these genetic products the window of concern is not just 2 years, but unknown.

45:00 Senator Ron Johnson touts the courage shown by these doctors to treat Covid patients and stand up with science against the attacks they’ve faced.

47:17 Sr. Johnson discusses correlation of the Covid shots and adverse events/deaths compared to other products as shown below.

51:00 Dr. Milhoan explains the Cleveland Clinic study showing that more Covid shots increases a person’s likelihood to acquire Covid-19 - negative efficacy. Other physicians and providers see what is going on but choose to remain quiet to keep their jobs. 

52:45 Dr. Cole explains how dependent our physicians and healthcare systems are on the government to monetize them. Anyone who speaks against the government gets the hatchet to cash flow.

53:35 Dr. McCullough adds the deep fear many providers have for their own action to take these “vaccines” and having their families do the same. And more broadly, encouraging every one of their patients to take these vaccines. He compares this to the revelation over 40 years that smoking is harmful.

Many doctors and nurses are coming to him with their own medical problems related to these shots, but he is hopeful others will come forward outside of their own experience. 

57:30 Congressman Warren Davidson speaks up on the impact on our armed forces of rolling these products out on our young and healthy cohort. Dr. Cole recalls the concerning Defense Medical Epidemiology Data that was brought forth in a previous hearing in February, 2022 and then subsequently changed via a “glitch”. Dr. Cole and Dr. Milhoan are both veterans who served in the Air Force and speak passionately about our military’s suffering under these “vaccines.” 

1:06:00 Dr. McCullough speaks on the costly testing and care needed for medical answers for people who are injured and the organizational failures that need immediate attention.

1:08:00 Congressman Andrew Biggs discusses the list of harms cited in Pfizer’s own trial documentation from 2021. He invites help from the doctor panel understanding how and why this corruption occurred. Dr. Cole and Dr. McCullough offer ideas, including proof of a global cartel of agencies and organizations who were all in lock step on these protocols.

1:34:35 MTG asks if a lab-created Covid virus could be racially targeted and gain of function discussion ensues. 

1:43:00 Cancer increases are being tied to Covid vaccines - is there a causative relationship? Dr. Cole cites the known signals and data that indicate the ties. Dr. McCullough explains the intentional bias to understate the problems with these vaccines.

2:11:20 What about mRNA and our food supply?

2:20:30 Why is there a global effort to restrict natural products in the marketplace?

2:22:45 Dr. Cole shares his slides, showing cell damage by spike protein, throughout the body. 

2:28:30 Dr. McCullough states results from 3 dozen autopsy studies reveal 74% of the deaths were attributed to the Covid vaccine.

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