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Senator Ron Johnson Hosts “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” Panel Discussion

On Monday January 24, following the Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington, DC, a group of medical professionals, representatives from the vaccine injured community, and legal experts gathered to discuss information around the pandemic and the response. Dr. Ryan Cole participated, sharing a gripping personal story, along with giving his expert views on the virus, immunity, and the vaccines. Dr. Cole expressed ongoing concern around cancers rising post-Covid vaccination.

The legal team of Thomas Renz and Leigh Dundas dropped bombshell data on the US military database showing alarming medical code rate increases in many health categories, arguably because of the Covid vaccination campaign. Renz thanked Dr. Cole for being one of the only doctors speaking publicly about the cancer connection. You can find more information on the Second Opinion panel event, including the other governing officials and pharmaceutical corporate representatives who were invited but did not show, at Senator Johnson’s website here. Below, we’ve linked the full presentation, the 30-minute highlight video, and an edited version of Dr. Cole’s remarks.

"I'm asking the viewing public to have an open mind. Respect these individuals who have paid a significant price professionally, reputationally. These are highly qualified individuals. They speak from experience. We've got to fix this problem. We can't let this continue. We can't let it happen in the future. So again, thank all of you for coming. Thank you for being doctors, for being nurses, for being academicians, for being medical researchers, and thank all of you for viewing this. Share this with your friends. God bless you all." ~ Senator Ron Johnson

Full video:

Highlight Video:

Dr. Cole's Remarks (Edited):

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