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Should Natural Immunity to Covid-19 be Recognized Equally Alongside Vaccine-Induced Immunity?

Dr. Ryan Cole testified again in the Tennessee State Legislature, this time answering questions about natural immunity compared to the Covid-19 vaccine-induced immunity before the full Health Committee. You can find his previous testimony here. We’ve timestamped the questions below. After Q&A, the bill passed to the next stage of consideration.

17:25 Bill overview begins

As introduced, prohibits governmental entities, local education agencies, schools, and private businesses from adopting or enforcing laws, rules, or practices that fail to recognize natural immunity as providing a level of immune protection that is at least as protective as a COVID-19 vaccine or treat individuals with natural immunity differently than individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

20:50 Dr. Denise Sibley shares opening remarks

23:40 Dr. Robert Malone shares opening remarks

27:50 Dr. Ryan Cole shares opening remarks

30:40 Dr. Malone completes opening remarks

32:25 Is naturally acquired immunity more effective than the vaccines that are on the market now? If so, why?

33:10 How long does vaccine immunity last compared to natural immunity?

34:28 Are there any additional benefits of natural immunity long-term?

37:10 Help me understand the vaccines that were developed and the process they went through under the emergency powers?

40:50 If the premise of this bill is that you could have documentation saying you have natural immunity, is the science available to measure that after antibodies wane?

44:45 What about someone who presents antibodies without presenting symptoms?

49:50 Would you have recommended a vaccine earlier on when the virus was more severe?

51:36 Should we stop immunizing children that we’ve almost wiped off the planet based on this logic?

“We will never get to Covid zero because this virus has the opportunity to go back and forth between animals and humans.”

54:25 Dr. Cole, you wouldn’t suggest the vaccine even for the Delta. Did you prescribe anything else to your patients other than to get the vaccine for Covid-19?

56:07 So you didn’t lose a single patient and did you prescribe anything else?

57:24 Thank you Dr. Sibley for your fight and diligence and for saving lives in our area.

58:28 Nationally or in the state of Tennessee, are vaccines required?

1:00:12 For clarity are we saying a governmental entity or business has to recognize a natural immunity just like we would a vaccine?

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