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Sound the Alarm: Covid Vaccines, Fertility, Blood Cancers, and Children

Compare and contrast the opening four minutes of this video with the remainder of Dr. Cole’s comments and your head might spin. Dr. Ryan Cole sits down to answer questions posed by Children’s Health Defense (CHDTV) host Polly Tommey and he doesn’t hold back!

  • What do we really know about how these Covid “vaccines” will affect fertility?

  • Are these shots proven safe for children by the clinical trial data?

  • What about in pregnancy?

  • What's going on with the rise in blood cancers?

  • Are our military members compromising their health and our protection with the mRNA gene products?

Dr. Cole boldly speaks at risk to his own safety, taking on the powers-that-be in our government, the legacy media, and the medical establishment. Listen in on this fast-moving conversation covering these topics and more.

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