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Covid Through a Pathologist's Eye | Dr. Ryan Cole on DarkHorse with Bret Weinstein


"A brilliant and inspiring interview between two supremely intelligent and compassionate individuals. In a just world they would be honored for their contributions to society, not persecuted." ~ YouTube comment

In a bold and illuminating conversation, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole and evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein, both courageous voices in the realm of Covid-19 discourse, sit down to discuss their perspectives on the pandemic, vaccines, and the challenges they've faced as advocates for open dialogue. These two experts have remained steadfast in their commitment to educating the public, offering insightful and evidence-based insights that challenge conventional narratives.

If you prefer to watch on Rumble, the link is here.

In this interview, Dr. Cole delves into his journey, highlighting the importance of free speech and critical thinking in times of uncertainty. These brilliant men share science, philosophy, politics, and the heart behind their desire to see positive change in America and around the world. As another commenter states,

"If you are a Covid junkie then this is simply the highest quality crack cocaine out there. What an enthralling discussion; a certified tour-de-force of horror!"

You can find the full slate of Bret's work here. If you are signed up for Bret's LOCALS service, you can hear the Q&A featuring Dr. Cole here.

Timestamps - click the time to open a new tab to start the video clip on YouTube:

(0:00) Introductions and pathology

(07:25) Sponsors

(09:17) Cancer

(17:03) Anecdotes and pattern recognition

(27:20) Clots

(34:50) Why aren't more doctors speaking out?

(42:15) mRNA injections and LNPs

(48:55) Antibodies and Bioweapons

(57:27) Immunology and Evolutionary thinking

(01:08:00) Vitamin D

(01:16:35) Cancers and mRNA injections

(01:24:17) Process 2 and DNA contamination

(01:37:20) Myocarditis

(01:46:25) No novel pathogen?

(01:58:35) Viruses in the heart

(02:02:30) GVB, evolutionary pressure, and free speech

(02:10:45) Informed consent and ivermectin

(02:15:07) Dr. Cole's practice

(02:28:45) US politics

(02:40:30) Wrap up

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