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Medical License Fight, Free Speech, and the Covid Vaccine | Steve Deace Show


Popular conservative podcast host Steve Deace welcomed back Dr. Ryan Cole to discuss the status of Cole’s personal fight to keep his medical license, and the broader fight for free speech waged on Capitol Hill. Cole expressed heartfelt gratitude for the listener support and funding of his legal battle. 

Dr. Cole commended those vocal individuals speaking out against tyranny in eastern Europe and around the world, while America remained comparatively silent in the face of governmental/institutional overreach. What treatments can be pursued by those who regrettably took the Covid gene-based injections (“vaccines”)? Optimizing health is the simplest answer, since detoxification is not possible. 

We have undergone an awakening to better health practices as a result of this human tragedy, including childhood vaccination. Dr. Cole expresses his skepticism to the entirety of our vaccination schedule based on scientific review.   

Dr. Cole’s remarks begin at 30:35. You can find Dr. Cole’s other appearances with Deace on our News page

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