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Unveiling Dark Truths About the Covid Vaccine | Blunt Force Truth Podcast


Dr. Ryan Cole appears alongside Dr. Lynn Fynn and her husband Dr. Chris to discuss Covid happenings related to the “vaccines.” The wide-ranging discussion journeys from the serious to the very funny and everywhere in between. Our time-stamped recap follows this podcast image, which you can click to hear the full conversation.

3:00 Covid gene therapies are not registered as vaccines with the SEC, escaping regulatory scrutiny. 

4:00 The vaccine narrative continuum is reviewed. Sarcasm ensues.

5:45 Covid fatalities and cases were grossly overstated.

7:50 Did ventilators kill people? Have more people died from the Covid “vaccine” than from Covid itself?

12:15 Cancer deaths in age 15-44 spiked in 2021. Odd cancers also discussed.

16:50 Conspiracy and sunk cost fallacy. Can this product be used for depopulation?

18:50 Medical colleague hate toward independent thinking around the Covid narrative

21:00 Medical research corruption and fraud

26:40 DNA contamination issue

31:10 Shedding discussion, RSV, shingles, and false promises to pregnant moms

34:00 Abortion, marijuana, widespread vaccination, electric cars, food alterations

42:00 Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers

44:30 American Medical Association represents only 12% of physicians and is largely funded by big institutions

45:20 How do we fix this? Speak up. Stand up. Parents rise up. Do not comply. Take courage from nations who are fighting back under communism.

52:15 Medical science is sometimes built on a false foundation (examples include anti-depressant drugs)

53:00 Peptides under fire because of threat to pharmaceuticals

57:30 Lightning Round Q&A

  • Do masks work for viral transfer? Why do surgeons wear them?

  • Six foot distancing origin? Is there any basis? Psychological warfare?

  • If vaccines are so bad now, why did they work against polio and other diseases?

  • I’ve had the vaccine. What now?

  • Why do healthy young athletes seem to be affected more harshly?

  • Infertility concerns 

  • Vitamin D testing

  • Miscellaneous ramblings and electric cars

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