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Biological and Psychological Warfare? | The Pete Santilli Show

January 4, 2023

Dr. Ryan Cole rejoins Pete Santilli to discuss the pathologist's views on the current state of affairs with the Covid pandemic. The pair talk about "vaccine" injuries, mistrust, and the way forward. See our writeup below for more of the conversation.

Dr. Cole discusses what Informed Consent should have looked like for the Covid injections (“vaccines”) based on the data that is being revealed around the world now. Data shows these shots carry risks of:

  • Myocarditis

  • Clotting and sudden death from pulmonary embolism

  • Infertility

  • Increased cancer rates

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Strokes in children

Dr. Cole mentions Ed Dowd’s book Cause Unknown and Robert F Kennedy, Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci, both outlining the data and evidence of vaccine injury.

Santilli discusses the extreme mistrust he now has in the medical industry because of all he’s learned from courageous experts like Dr. Cole, who has risked so much to speak up.

At 31:00 mark, the discussion turns to the attacks being waged against doctors and voices like Dr. Cole.

At 41:10, Dr. Cole shows heart microscopic slides and others, explaining how Covid shots can cause vaccine injury and deaths. A Rasmussen survey shows that 1 in 4 Americans know someone who died post-injection. Zogby poll showed that 15% of Americans have a new medical condition post-injection.

In closing, Santilli and Dr. Cole “go there,” discussing the evidence that the Covid 19 pandemic is biological and psychological warfare being perpetrated upon the American people and those around the world. Dr. Cole cites the Brook Jackson vs. Pfizer whistleblower case as proof.

Always one to encourage and inspire, Dr. Cole summarizes the silver lining: people are critically thinking and coming together in community.

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