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Cole Chosen By Peer Physicians to Lead Speeches at Defeat the Mandates Rally

On January 23, prominent physicians, including Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, spoke to over 50,000 attendees to protest overreaching medical mandates. These censored medical experts, representing 17,000 other doctors from around the world, joined forces with entertainment industry representatives in front of the Lincoln Memorial to exercise freedom of speech and call for an end to failed Covid policies including vaccine mandates.

Dr. Ryan Cole was selected by his peers to act as Master of Ceremony for the physician portion of the rally. Dr. Cole’s presentations are shown below. This Global Covid Summit page shows the other presentations, along with a link to the full video of this historic event.

"The pandemic is ending. The narrative has cracked and the dam is flowing. Other nations have opened up. You can be on the wrong side of history or the right side of history… but the people in this crowd are on the right side of history."

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