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Cole Wows Romania Crowd at International Crisis Summit IV

First do no (P)harm.

November 18, 2023

With a play on words, Dr. Ryan Cole sums up the devastating effects of the pharmaceutical products known as Covid vaccines by changing up the words often associated with the Hippocratic Oath medical providers make to keep the well-being of their patients front and center in their profession. Dr. Cole calls into question both the role of physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and public health agencies with the continuation of Covid gene therapy injections and other interventions. His presentation in front of the Romanian crowd at the International Crisis Summit summarizes many findings that continue to be largely ignored. Tune in below and continue to read about this event below.

The International Covid Summit started as a grassroots movement by a small group of people who wanted answers to the many questions and clarity on contradictions surrounding the onset of this ‘pandemic’. These warriors questioned the narrative, pushed back the curtain of deception, and bravely searched for one another. This quest for answers and like-minded thinkers led us to each other and proved to us that we are many. It created communities and initiatives internationally that have informed and united us in a world that is trying to keep us confused and separated. These initiatives and our relentless pursuit of truth and justice have saved lives. Continue reading about the organization hosting this event at the International Covid Summit site.

It is thanks to the bravery of all those who participated in events like the International Covid Summits that we were able to create our own little crack in the narrative. These historic events blazed trails, triggered global conversations and gave people the courage to ask questions and find the warriors within themselves. Despite the backlash, our numbers keep growing, and all truths are being revealed.

The overwhelming interest and incredible reception of these summits reinforces the conviction that the world is very aware that there is a truth to be heard and they are keen on hearing it. Direct, honest, and bold discussions are critical and in high demand globally.

It has been said that every dark cloud has a silver lining but, in this case, the lining is transparent. They tried to drape themselves in cloaks and daggers only to parade around in the Emporer’s new clothes. By closing down the world they opened many eyes.

Therefore, armed with current data and supported by millions of people around the world, we are doing it again and changing the ICS name to the International Crisis Summit because, as we now know, this was never just about Covid.

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