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"Contaminated and Adulterated" - Experts Give Consensus Call to Pull Covid Vaccines Off Market


Dr. Ryan Cole appeared on stage in Rochester, NY at the Summit for Truth and Wellness to share updated news that the shots contain DNA fragments. He was joined by other notable speakers including Dr. Robert Malone; Naomi Wolf and Amy Kelly, both representing Daily Clout; attorney Bobbie Ann Cox; and Brownstone Institute Director Jeffrey Tucker.

These experts on Covid vaccine science agreed that the findings of DNA in 27 vials of Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines constitute a legitimate and urgent reason to pull the mRNA products from the market.

This October 21, 2023 conference was emceed by independent media host Shannon Joy.

Dr. Cole’s remarks begin at 4:34:40.

Writer Mary Beth Pfeiffer gives a helpful summary of the event in her article here.

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