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Fighting for Humanity and Free Speech | The New American

October 10, 2023

Zogby polling indicates 15 out of 100 people in America have a new chronic medical condition after taking the Covid experimental gene-based injections (Covid “vaccines").

Dr. Ryan Cole discusses the harms and evidence he saw early on in the Covid pandemic that prompted him to speak out in March, 2021. Today, Dr. Cole no longer runs his medical lab in Idaho; he was forced to sell because insurance companies canceled him due to his public statements about the Covid shots. Follow this thorough interview using the timestamps below the video.

2:10 Washington Medical Board attempts to remove Dr. Cole’s medical license despite no patient complaints.

7:45 Is this legal hearing an attempt to scare and silence the medical community?

10:30 Dr. Cole’s medical colleagues set up a donation site for anyone who wants to help with the cost of his legal fight:

11:25 The Nobel Prize was awarded to two scientists who laid the groundwork for mRNA injections for helping save lives with Covid injections. They accepted the award in masks; Dr. Cole shared his comments.

14:50 Sources for harm/benefit analysis of Covid injections is being hidden or ignored.

19:15 Findings in a radiology study show for people who took Covid “vaccine” they may have heart damage even without obvious symptoms. Dr. Cole discusses the inconsistency in harms and possibilities for why.

“I wish I were wrong!”

25:20 Truth trumps the inconvenience of being the lone voice in the wilderness, so Dr. Cole feels compelled to speak out. We don’t know long-term outcomes for these gene-based products, yet we continue to see new ones roll out.

29:00 Early on, authorities LIED. Listening to authority is not useful when those speaking in authority are hiding important information.

30:00 Dialogue and humility need to return to medicine. This is a wake up call.

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