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Global Covid Summit Draws Capacity Crowd in Boise

Dr. Ryan Cole welcomed his fellow outspoken colleagues to his own neck of the woods, hosting the Global Covid Summit event in Boise on February 19, 2022. Over 500 people attended, and the event sold out in a few days, indicating a larger venue would have drawn many more. Thankfully, the Epoch Times video recording is available for all to view.

People want to understand what is going on in our health agencies, our medical establishment, and our governing bodies pertaining to Covid-19. Physicians, scientists, and frontline professionals (many of whom have been censored and maligned in the mainstream press and by big tech) discussed insights and analyzed findings regarding COVID-19 treatment and care.

You can view the full video of the Boise Covid Summit event by clicking the image which takes you to the Epoch Times site. You can find more information on the speaker lineup and agenda (there were some changes), along with information on upcoming GCS events by going here. Dr. Cole is first introduced in Part 1 at 1:01:10 and his main presentation begins at 3:07:15 in Part 2.

Dr. Cole previewed the Boise event on Steve Bannon’s War Room

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