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Global Covid Summit Interview Series

Dr. Cole completed several interviews with Rob Nelson on behalf of the Global Covid Summit organization. Global Covid Summit is the product of an international alliance of doctors and scientists, committed to speaking truth to power about Covid pandemic research and treatment. Below you will find links to 5 short interview videos covering various topics in the January to February, 2023 timeframe.

Lockdowns and Natural Immunity

Dr. Ryan Cole explains why China is seeing a surge of COVID infection. Click the image for this video.

“You never isolate the healthy and well. You isolate the sick and the ill.”

Why is the Government Still Pushing for Boosters?

Dr Ryan Cole's perspective on government's push for boosters despite data that does not support the action.

Give Us The Data

Dr. Ryan Cole discusses the data and endpoints used in determining the efficacy of the COVID vaccinations. The studies were fraught with problems from the beginning, including the FDA serving as both sponsor and regulator of these shots.

Financial Incentives for Vaccination

Who stands to benefit the most from a continued push for the shots? Dr. Cole and Rob Nelson discuss the financial ramifications of Moderna raising the price on the boosters for Covid. Moderna had no risk (liability is waived under the emergency powers) and had never brought a product safely to market prior to Covid injections.

Free Speech and the State of Emergency

Dr. Ryan Cole discusses the silencing of free speech when the government assumes emergency powers. He proposes that our USA policy makers continue to extend the state of emergency in order to hold onto power. If the emergency is ended, all the CARES Act funding stops, as do the Covid “vaccines,” but instead, our government refuses to end this.

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