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How To Know If Covid “Vaccines” Are Killing People | Steve Kirsch Interview

In this comprehensive interview with Steve Kirsch, Dr. Ryan Cole discusses a wide range of topics related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this repeat appearance (see previous interviews here, here, and here), Dr. Cole explains how pathologists and medical examiners can determine if vaccines are causing injury and death. This courageous pair talk about vaccine injury, what causes it, how to treat it, and why doctors cannot see it. Steve inquires about Cole's position on the origin of the virus, his relationship with the CDC, and his stance on all vaccines. Dr. Cole reiterates the need for truth, transparency, and accountability for trust to be regained. This 90 minutes moves fast! See our timestamps below for an overview with links and topical guidance.

Introduction and Autopsies

00:00:00 Introduction Dr. Ryan Cole

00:01:10 Strange clots found by funeral technician that pathologists refuse to analyze

00:01:50 Cole receives reports from nurses in hospitals and other medical examiners and people all around the world. He is analyzing some thoroughly and will soon report.

00:02:40 Duty of a Pathologist

00:03:20 Steve relates the story of a nurse who has proof of death caused by Covid shot but can’t get it on the death certificate. Medical records incorrectly show the patient was not vaccinated.

00:04:30 Failure to code the death certificate correctly is unethical and illegal.

00:05:40 Steve asks if Cole knows of a Medical Board going after a practitioner for omissions that actually make the “vaccine” look better. Of course not.

00:06:40 Cole has a case from another country; Father asked Cole to examine the tissue of dead son. Autopsy was completed and nothing was found related to Covid shots. Father requested tissues from the coroner so he could have them sent to Dr. Cole, and this coroner tried to block them from being sent.

“It’s absurd that someone wants to block a bereaved parent from knowing why their child passed!”

00:08:35 Paper from American heart association last week: showing spike doesn’t need an aCE2 receptor. It modulates the TLR4; causes myocytes to balloon - that paper alone should stop shots worldwide. Giving a shot that has potential to cause heart damage.

00:09:10 Medical Examiners don’t want to look for injection causation to death, perhaps because they don’t want to be held accountable.

00:10:14 Are you a Board Certified Pathologist? Cole: "Yes" - Cole gives details of experience yet in this case, these individuals will not send samples, saying he lacks forensic specialty despite his experience in forensics.

00:12:20 Cole details his training & experience and explains the game being played.

Worldwide Status of Proper Post-Covid Shot Autopsy Testing

00:12:50 How many Medical Examiners are doing proper tests? 7 in Germany and one in US - Cole

00:13:40 Technical details given on stains performed to find spike protein in tissues of deceased

00:15:50 The Thailand Paper - 18% of kids studied had abnormal EKGs; 29% had cardio issues

00:17:20 Cole comments on reliability of Burkhardt study showing 93% of deaths likely caused by vaccine after medical examiners ruled NONE were related

Post Mortem Process Explained

00:18:40 Cole describes autopsy examination process & composition of mysterious clots and how to look for spike protein or other vaccine association

00:24:30 CDC should be instructing proper forensics to assess vaccine safety

00:25:19 Contrast MRI’s will show cardiac problems but these aren’t being done in part due to China shortage of contrast supplies; Neurological issues from the vax won’t show on MRI due to their microscopic nature

00:26:00 Lipid Nanoparticles, spike protein are damaging mitochondria

00:27:50 How to determine causation from either the disease or the injection

00:28:15 Brain fog

00:29:30 Dr. Cole says the more shots you get, the worse the problems can get. Don’t get more shots.

00:32:00 Many people are fighting fatigue because of reactivated Epstein Barr Virus. Get tested.

00:32:30 Fixed, stable tissue samples can be examined even 100 years later! If a family loses a loved one and suspects that the Covid vaccines are at play, they can pull autopsy tissues and have them tested properly a year or two down the road, and they should be able to request these stains.

00:34:50 Kirsch suggests that the CDC pull past autopsy samples to do proper testing for vaccine causation. He suggests that they don’t want to know the vaccine causation.

00:35:50 These are regulatory-captured agencies by the pharmaceutical companies.

00:36:45 Medicare All Cause Mortality data has been concealed along with all Medicare data

00:37:00 Medical data codes contain valuable information being hidden from the public. Biden and his health appointees are in on the concealment.

00:38:40 Dr. Cole gives credit to US Rep. Ron Johnson for his request for a query that is being ignored. The CDC changed all guidelines around Covid which will support lawsuits.

Helping the vaccine injured

00:40:50 Multiple mechanisms of injury to vaccinated or those with Covid Long Haul:

  • CLOTTING - D-Dimer lab test detects micro blood clotting; use FLCCC protocols

  • CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY PROCESSES - fluvoxamine, steroids, etc.

  • MAST CELL ACTIVATION SYNDROME - hyperinflammatory allergic response whereby previously healthy people now have dozens of allergies

  • INNATE IMMUNE SUPPRESSION - allows latent viruses to wake up causing symptoms

  • MITOCHONDRIAL DAMAGE - requires complex tests to assess

Multiple mechanisms of treatment that may overlap. FLCCC protocols are a subset of these treatments. Dr. Cole suggests addition of microbial activation panels. He also suggest World Council for Health and Dr. McCullough’s protocols. We are learning.

00:44:20 Dr. Cole takes Steve’s challenge to compile his best suggestions for vaccine injury testing – coming soon! Experts from universities risk their federal government funding if they speak out that injury is caused by the Covid “vaccines”

Origin of Virus Discussion

00:47:15 00 Tony Fauci’s income from each Covid shot is redacted from public request. NIH, NAIAD and Moderna - a relationship of corruption.

00:49:50 Virus sourced in a laboratory or not? Dr. Cole says some features of the sequence are not found in nature. Steve wonders why Tony Fauci's unredacted emails have not been requested by Congress. Discussion of various pieces of information including “Gain of Function” research that appear nefarious.

00:55:50 Jon Stewart connected the dots on the Stephen Colbert Show

00:56:40 Dr. Cole and Steve have never spoken with the CDC. Both encourage and invite robust open dialogue and debate. Both believe we are being lied to by the public health agencies. Cole believes the fraud is provable. Truth plus transparency equals trust.

01:02:20 Don’t miss this humorous moment about censorship! Discussion of media and accountability.

01:04:00 Steve appeared on Fox with Brian Killmeade, sharing the truth on vaccine injury and waking up hundreds of people. Discussion of Wayne Root’s wedding.

01:10:50 Lipid Nanoparticles and Dr. Cole’s concern with this gene platform

01:13:20 Two days to come up with a vaccine that’s safe?


01:15:08 Technical discussion/analysis of rubbery "amyloid" mystery clots

01:18:00 Ivermectin aids in clotting.

01:18:30 Dr. Cole recommends Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine but NOT Paxlovid

01:18:50 Regular Vitamin D level is most important for anti-clotting

01:21:15 Matthew Crawford’s data shows the Covid shots make things worse.

01:22:30 Groupthink prevails with many who are not data driven.

Other Topics

01:23:40 Steve discusses the relationship between the pandemic and inflation.

01:26:10 We need to stop incentivizing hospitals to kill people and make changes to the treatment approach! Doctors knew how to treat and end this a long time ago, but those doctors were censored!

01:29:50 Discussion about Andrew Wakefield's courageous work and data on ALL vaccines and their harms.

01:32:40 The medical journals have been corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry.

01:33:30 Dr. Cole’s last "vaccination" was in 1986 besides a tetanus shot probably 10-15 years ago.

01:34:10 Steve asks Cole about his “Red Pill Moment” on vaccines: Operation Warp Speed

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