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Informed Dissent: The Stickiness of Science

March 7, 2023

Dr. Cole joins Dr. Mark McDonald and Dr. Jeff Barke on their Informed Dissent podcast to share his journey through the world-changing events of the Covid pandemic. These three doctors share a kinship around patient-first care that sees through the sometimes-misguided information pushed out by health and government institutions. This podcast covers personal patient stories alongside the scientific studies and evidence to help you take control of your health. See our recap below.

Dr. Cole shares his background and how he got immersed into the medical freedom movement. He tries to show what is happening in the human body because of Covid and vaccine injury. He has been maligned by boards of medicine and insurance companies and even had to sell his pathology laboratory practice because insurance companies canceled him for speaking out. His early statements on Covid are now being proven true throughout the world as many people suffer with the consequences and other medical providers come forward.

Now, Dr. Cole is on the road as an educator. He also conducts autopsy consultations. He works in his lab to develop testing protocols to detect spike protein and mRNA in tissues and serum.

“You are your own best doctor!”

The 3 doctors discuss the various injuries commonly seen in those who got the Covid injections. Clotting diseases, auto-immune disease, allergic disease, and mitochondrial harm. At the 16:00 mark, they cover the lack of energy in many people which has been scientifically proven related to these products. Additionally they talk about reactivated viruses including shingles and mono (Epstein Barr Virus). Dr. Cole shares many ideas for addressing these concerns.

At the 29:00 mark, Dr. Cole discusses his own weight loss transformation, sharing tips on making healthy choices. He mentions this book that educated him on metabolic wellness. He dropped 46 pounds and continues to make intentional food choices for his health.

“There’s no such thing as junk food. There’s only JUNK. And there’s FOOD.”

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