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Legal Persecution in Washington | The Steve Deace Show


Steve Deace has been a consistent and persistent voice, speaking out about risk over benefit with the Covid shots. He even co-wrote a book with Daniel Horowitz called Rise of the Fourth Reich calling for Nuremberg-style trials for those responsible for mandating these harmful products.

In this interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, Deace uncovers the specifics around Dr. Cole’s Washington Medical Board trial and how it relates to the “Police State” that was discussed earlier in the show with guest Dinesh D’Souza. This wide-ranging interview begins at 51:09. Read below for information on donating to Dr. Cole's legal fight.

As mentioned in this interview, here are three ways you can donate, and all will go directly to support Dr. Cole's legal fight.

1. You can donate through this PayPal link which is also found on our website on the right side.

2. If you prefer to donate to the Give Butter link set up by his good friends in the medical community, you can do so here.

3. You can write a check and mail it directly to:

Dr. Ryan Cole

Cole Diagnostics

7988 W Marigold St

Boise, ID 83714

Thank you for your support of Dr. Cole!

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