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Moving Forward in Healing | The AJ Roberts Show

The AJ Roberts Show out of the UK is a podcast/video program hosted by the 15 year military veteran AJ Roberts, who specializes in coaching and personal development while featuring a distinguished interview guest each week. Dr. Ryan Cole joined Roberts on his show to discuss the work Dr. Cole has engaged in during the past few years. These two met in Bath, England where they forged a sincere connection, leading to this interview. The interview covers a variety of topics including the following:

  • Cancer issues being seen especially in younger patients potentially related to the Covid shots

  • Pharmaceutical companies and political establishment and their role in Covid

  • Dangers around giving the Covid "vaccines" to children

  • Shedding phenomenon around the shots

  • Mandates and how to improve health for all

  • Cautionary tale around the mRNA + lipid nanoparticle platform for medical products

  • Political trends and the need for freedom to prevail

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