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mRNA Shots, Persisting Spike Protein, and Trouble | Epoch Times with Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Cole spoke with the Epoch TV Facts Matter journalists on how these Covid vaccine products are negatively affecting our bodies via immune system dysregulation. The mRNA usually breaks down within minutes, and should not persist in the body; but with the synthetic pseudouridine used in these injections, the body doesn’t know how to respond, resulting in adverse affects to the immune system. Continued spike protein production results in heart inflammation, clotting, and cancers.

Cole cites several studies that support these views and his views are corroborated by Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Joseph Mercola who have both spoken out. Dr. Cole also discusses the funding behind these vaccine products and the link to suppression of early treatment. Epoch Times sought and obtained statements from the CDC, FDA, and NIH in response. This article is part of the Epoch Times Premium content, which can be played on audio following the link on the image below.

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