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Panel of Prominent Physicians Present Compelling Call to Halt Covid-19 Vaccination in Children

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dr. Ryan Cole joins four other physicians on stage in Florida to address Covid-19 and kids, the Covid-recovered, and chaos in the medical community. View the video and read on for timestamps of the moderated Q&A session.

The moderator asks commonly held questions of the physician panel to wrap up the Florida Covid Summit event. Timestamps of Questions and Answers follow for easy searching.

:05 What do you know? The CDC is telling you what to do. You are a bunch of crazy doctors making stuff up so why would we believe you?

The doctors discuss that this virus is an inflammatory disease and a clotting disease, and we know how to treat these issues with medication. Agency instruction is not required.

Dr. Kory also discusses regulatory capture in our three letter agencies. The guidance coming out of our agencies is dictated in large part by pharmaceutical companies which leads to unmitigated and repeated acts of corruption and fraud which is hurting public health across the country.

4:00 People are losing trust in their doctors.

Dr. McCullough discusses that public agencies work for us! He explains what the FDA, NIH, and CDC do, and that they are not treatment agencies. None of them address outpatient care of Covid-19. None are providing weekly data reviews and monthly updates. Senator Ron Johnson is the only legislator who is seeking and hearing information from the experts in the field!

The doctor and patient sit above these agencies in the fiduciary relationship!

7:35 Discussion of lack of teamwork in medicine for the first time in their careers!

8:05 What is the answer for people to sort through the information being shared by these doctors versus the rest of the medical community?

8:55 Dr. Cole discusses the lost trust in public health because health and wellness has not been discussed by the agencies! He compares data in other countries who have been successful vs what our health agencies have been sharing.

10:55 Dr. Malone shares from the heart about the confusion in messaging from this group of providers to the public by comparing what is being done by providers and hospitals who adhere to the regulatory agency protocols against what this group of physicians’ information.

This isn’t about specific drugs because there are a whole lot of drugs available that are successful in treatment! Use your logic to determine if it makes sense when they say go home and do nothing to help yourself… it does not. Get help.

14:27 What’s the risk for a healthy child with Covid-19 to get sick and die? Dr. Malone says essentially 0!

15:00 Are children with Covid-19 going to potentially get mom and dad or others sick?

15:22 What is the honest risk of the vaccine to kids? Dr. Malone discusses myocarditis and other risks! All children who died from pure Covid had serious comorbidities. Many kids had Covid-19 and barely knew they had it. Covid-recovered kids should not be vaccinated!

18:10 Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the idea that people think “My vaccine doesn’t work unless you take yours.” They use this thinking with kids. This is neurotic thinking!!!

18:55 Dr. Kory discusses the risk-benefit analysis that is ongoing in medicine. When you do this analysis on kids and Covid vaccinations,

We need to stop comparing unvaccinated vs vaccinated. We need to start saying it’s the treated vs untreated, because this is the meaningful difference in outcomes!

20:53 Dr. Urso: Let’s look at statistics on kids and Covid-19.

21:15 Do kids spread Covid-19? No!

22:10 Dr. Malone coins this a “boomer disease” and how that affects the behavior of those older people in making decisions that affect children’s health without any data. “This is sick!” Dr. Malone exclaims.

23:25 What about Natural Immunity compared to the general protection from the vaccine? Dr. Cole discusses the broad, durable, long-lasting immunity for the Covid-recovered.

25:10 Mandates and high-profile athletes like Aaron Rogers coming out as unvaccinated and using the protocols discussed by Dr. Kory on Joe Rogan -- what’s the deal?

Dr. Kory discusses “Pharmageddon” which he describes as a PR campaign designed to destroy cheap, off-patent drugs like Ivermectin because so many physicians were prescribing it which doesn’t line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies.

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Nov 21, 2021

The vaccine accelerates cancer progression

The vaccine is lethal for elite athletes with the ACE DD genotype

The vaccine compromises the immune system.

The vaccine is responsible for the microthrombosis and myocarditis.

The falciparum malaria epitope CD147 on the spike protein S potentiates all the above

Patrick Chambers, MD

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