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Press Conference: Esteemed Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra Calls for Halt - Dr. Cole Adds Data

World Council for Health held a press conference in London, hosted by Dr Tess Lawrie. Dr Malhotra presented his research and insights regarding the mRNA injections. His data analysis cuts through the fraud and misrepresentation of the industry to show that the injections at best had a minuscule short lived benefit; while the death and harms associated with them are unprecedented. Dr Malhotra also reveals the deep corruption within the medical and governmental industries that facilitated the approval, promotion, and even mandating of these deadly injections.

Following Dr Malhotra, our favorite American pathologist Dr Ryan Cole took the stage by video link and shared molecular and philosophical insights, as well as microscopic images of damaged tissues and organs revealed in the coerced “vaccine” victims’ autopsies.

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a famous cardiologist from the UK. He never questioned the safety of traditional vaccines. He was initially very supportive of the covid “vaccines” roll out. He took Pfizer injections in early 2021 and promoted them on national television in the UK.

Shortly following covid “vaccine” injections, Dr Malhotra’s very fit father had a heart attack and died. That triggered Dr Malhotra’s deep dive into the science and business of the covid injections. After 9 months of deep research he produced a two part scientific article titled: Curing the Pandemic of Misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Through Real Evidence-based Medicine, parts one and two. These articles have now been peer reviewed and were published on September 26, 2022 in the Journal of Insulin Resistance.

Time Stamps:

0:00:00 – 0:11:15 | Waiting to start

0:11:15 – 0:13:40 | Introduction by Dr Tess Lawrie, Cofounder of the World Council for Health.

0:13:40 – 1:22:00 | Dr Aseem Malhotra MD

1:25:30 – 1:57:20 | US Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole MD

1:57:20 – 2:06:00 | Dr Tess Lawrie shares more relevant insights into the institutional failures that made record profits for big pharma and caused record harms and death to regular people. The World Council For Health fully supports Dr Malhotra’s and Dr Cole’s call to suspend and recall the covid-19 genetic injections.

2:06:00 -2:37:10 | Q and A

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