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Under Attack: Senior Editor Presents Compelling Defense of Dr. Ryan Cole

Conservative Review podcast host and Senior Editor of TheBlaze, Daniel Horowitz brings to light the absurd risk Dr. Cole and others face in efforts to issue life-saving early treatments to patients diagnosed with Covid-19. Click the image to read this compelling view point offering Horowitz's astute challenge to the narrative you hear on the nightly news, or in some cases, from your medical peers.

"If you contract this virus, there is probably nobody in the world you'd want access to more than Dr. Cole. A Mayo Clinic-trained anatomic and clinical pathologist who is licensed in 12 states, Cole knows the mechanisms of pathogens and various medicines as well as you know the streets of your neighborhood. He has lived the COVID pandemic in his Idaho lab since last March, diagnosing over 100,000 cases, and has given up much of his regular work to treat patients on his own time and own dime for months. His record is remarkable, and I have many friends and listeners of my podcast who are alive today because of his brilliance and kindness," writes Daniel Horowitz

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Aug 11, 2022

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