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Voices for Freedom Highlights Physician’s Courage

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

If you've followed Dr. Ryan Cole's journey in the spotlight, you know he speaks with strong conviction and boldness. What you may not know is why. Join in on his conversation with another courageous media organization, Voices of Freedom, as they share truth with New Zealand and the world, no matter the attacks. This multi-faceted interview covers much ground; we've time stamped the video below.

Time Stamps

5:00 Dr. Cole explains how he had no choice but to speak out.

7:25 Dr. Cole discusses the push back and attack he has experienced. He’s been canceled by insurance companies, his fellowship was removed without any conversation with him, his long term clients have left him due to controversy and he’s lost half his business for speaking out, but it’s the right thing to do so he continues.

9:50 History will look back at us and find we are on the right side of history.

10:15 Dr. Cole discusses what he sees in his pathology lab related to the Covid-19 virus and the “vaccines,” including unusual viral outbreaks related to immune suppression (molluscum contagiosum, shingles) and unusually high cancer numbers.

14:00 Other scientists and pathologists who are in the medical establishments and universities are also seeing unusual patterns, and they will not speak up for fear of job loss, but they are starting to share tissues with Dr. Cole. They are waking up internally.

14:30 Dr. Cole lists some of the common issues being seen related to the spike protein from the Covid shots: Cancer, auto-immune conditions, neurologic conditions, neuro fog, strokes, heart inflammation, liver and joint inflammation, hematologic cancer upticks in leukemias and lymphomas, microclots.

17:20 In New Zealand, the people were told that the injection goes into the arm, stays there, and it’s dealt with in 2-3 days. Dr. Cole explains how this was a medical lie and what really happens.

19:40 Emergency authorization and labeling these products as vaccines instead of gene products allowed our government authorities to yield powers for issuing these shots without proper testing.

21:10 We don’t know that the spike protein factories inside the body turn off.

30:30 The body has a narrowed immune response with the Covid “vaccines.”

“Everyone needs to be a soldier in the fight for scientific integrity and the truth.”

31:50 What role does anecdotal evidence have in medicine? Dr. Cole discusses how algorithmic medicine removes thinking and observation. The governments have databases with more medical information than what they’ve shared with us on Covid, because they’ve told us they are withholding the data. Follow the money and look at who is being censored to learn the truth.

Dr. Cole lays out the corruption by way of funding throughout the government and pharmaceutical industry and what he sees as the way forward with accountability.

45:15 If you’ve taken the Covid shots and are concerned or experiencing unusual symptoms, Dr. Cole gives some tips. Advice for how to stop clotting includes aspirin and nattokinase supplement. Individuals can also consider testing for Epstein Barr Virus (mono) which he sees often in patients. Cumin black seed oil can block binding of spike, and NAC can also help. Vitamin D levels need to be evaluated to restore immune function. Avoid high fructose corn syrup. Sleep, move, reduce stress, fear and anxiety. Selenium and low-dose naltrexone. Intermittent fasting is effective.

57:00 Shedding is real and Dr. Cole explains his understanding.

1:00:00 Dr. Cole explains why pregnant women and children should NOT be taking the Covid shots!

1:04:00 Coercion and fear from governments worldwide ensued for the gene products because people did not want to take them.

1:06:00 It’s a fallacy that it is someone else’s job to take a product to protect others especially when these products don’t affect transmission whatsoever.

1:08:40 Event 201 and now the monkeypox scare leads us to wonder what is happening. Dr. Cole says, “If you don’t engage in promiscuous homosexual bisexual activities you won’t get monkeypox.” Hear about the rundown on smallpox and monkeypox.

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22 giu 2022

Dear Dr. Cole,

Thank you for all you do.

I am a retired pathologist and can speak and write freely without fear of repercussion. I started a project on ResearchGate about 18 month ago with over 100 updates. However, ResearchGate has banned any additional updates. You may be interested in the most recent and last one at (project log)

Mi piace
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