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Weaponized “Standard of Care” Targets Dr. Ryan Cole | Alison Morrow


Alison Morrow quit TV News in 2019. Now she provides independent media analysis with a focus on censored people and ideas. In this interview with Dr. Cole, she asks for the details surrounding the Washington Medical Commission investigation. The board is trying him for prescribing Covid early treatment and making public statements criticizing the Covid “vaccines.”

Time stamped topical guide for interview:

1:47 Why does a Washington Medical Commission care about a doctor in Idaho?

6:37 They came after you in 2023 - three years after the Covid “mess” so why now? Are you even still practicing?

8:40 A psychiatrist and addiction specialist offered questioning and opinion during the hearing.

12:00 Washington State has not been a pro-First Amendment environment

12:50 Why can’t you prescribe Ivermectin? What does standard of care mean?

20:15 Standard of care is actually weaponized medicine by the regulators

25:50 Questions from Alison’s audience

27:30 Dr. Cole speaks Spanish!

31:30 When will you admit there is no virus and every vaccine is harmful?

36:00 What specifics were you seeing around the Covid vaccines that caused concerns?

42:00 How does the mind affect the body?

45:00 Dr. Cole says our society has lost the ability to dialogue.

48:15 How was the Nuremberg code completely ignored in mandatory Covid Vaccines?

50:20 Will rulings in other cases help Dr. Cole in his hearing?

53:15 A specific question about a “gooey” condition and it’s potential relation to the Covid shots.

55:00 Have we had other times where medications were banned due to misinformation?

57:10 What is the standard of care for a pathologist?

1:02:00 Is cancer metabolic disease? How is mitochondria involved? Do you agree with the work of Dr. Seyfried?

1:04:00 Are the majority of members of the medical community useful compliant people or fearful sheep wanting to hold onto their jobs?

1:05:40 What is the status of the staining protocols you are developing in your pathology lab to detect spike protein? Are there other American pathologists speaking out about these issues?

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