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Where Do We Stand? Covid Update on Thanksgiving Marathon

Where would we be during these Covid days without the truth-telling work of Steve Kirsch and the Vaccine Safety Resource Foundation (VSRF)? Steve and his team continue to share data and brave medical voices with the people of the world, despite the censorship and demeaning labels attributed to their work. In their Thanksgiving Marathon of interviews, Dr. Ryan Cole appeared alongside his good friend Dr. Richard Urso to give a status update in post-pandemic days.

Dr. Cole appears starting at 35:50. Dr. Cole and Dr. Urso cover the projection and corruption of the government agencies in labeling misinformation and misdirecting the population on the safety and efficacy of the Covid shots. They talk about the harms of continuing to introduce new products in this mRNA and lipid nanoparticle platform. New emergencies bring about new “opportunities” to force other products. Additionally they discuss high-zone tolerance and the concerns about immune imprinting with continual Covid “vaccines” giving rise to other illness and disease. The data on reproduction issues is alarming. Did Pfizer hide data… really??? In the original data set, more people were hospitalized and more people died having taken the vaccine than in the placebo group! All-cause mortality is astounding, statistically, and the data reveals the "vaccine" as the elephant in the room.

Dr. Urso talks about a physical therapist friend who is seeing astounding numbers of young healthy people coming in for stroke rehab. Vaccine production issues are rampant. Shedding is not mythical but very real. Dr. Cole thinks that the toxic spike protein is in the blood supply, but most people can neutralize it because they’ve had Covid. The safety of our blood supply has not been studied, which should not be a surprise to anyone who has followed the true science for the past 2 years.

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