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Recap: FLCCC’s European Parliament Testimony

Dr. Ryan Cole joins the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) team to offer a recap of the testimonies given at the European Parliament on May 10, 2023. You can find Dr. Cole’s full presentation here, but in this recap, Dr. Peter Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, Betsy Ashton, and Dr. Cole offer their key takeaways from the event. See the important timestamps including the Q&A below.

“Covid never ever produced anything more than a de minimis risk to the population!”

Time Stamps:

8:35 Dr. David Martin’s blockbuster remarks on the timelines around spike protein vaccines and Coronavirus

14:01 Dr. Pierre Kory’s spoke about the global war on ivermectin (and hydroxychloroquine) because of the threat to pharmaceutical profits they posed due to efficacy

33:30 This clip shows how the infection fatality rate was purposely conflated with the case fatality rate in the first year (2020) by the World Health Organization. This false information produced fear early in the pandemic.

38:00 This excerpt presentation gives evidence to the mind control used to inject fear to control behavior.

“That’s settled science. I mean, these are the most toxic medical interventions in the history of medicine.” ~Dr. Pierre Kory

Q&A from the audience:

42:30 Dr. Cole weighs in on where this is all heading

46:00 Are more pathologists and embalmers sharing their findings?

46:55 Vision loss associated with Covid shots?

49:40 Are you seeing problems with babies related to mothers or fathers who got the “vaccine”?

52:00 Can you discuss mRNA in our food supply?

55:40 Marburg reality?

59:45 Do you know a reliable statistic on excess deaths from the Covid “vaccine”?

1:03:00 Closing remarks and announcements

“I think that this whole experience now raises the question about the safety of vaccination. People should really think twice about getting a vaccine, because natural immunity is a really good thing. We know it exists, and there’s nothing that can replace natural immunity. ~Dr. Paul Marik

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